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Did you know that you can make a big difference in how safe our lakes are to swim and fish in?  Yes you!  Every person, young or old, can help keep pollution out of the water.  By using what you have learned in school, at home, and on this website, you can take action.  Teaching other people around you what protects water and what pollutes it also makes a big difference.

Not only do you have an important role to play right now, you are our future scientists, researchers, land owners, teachers and voters.  What you decide to do your science and art projects on this semester could open your eyes to a world that needs your knowledge and your talent.  So read up!  Know the facts, speak up, and get moving!   

Featured Video

Journey of a Raindrop

If the video does not show, click on either of these links to access the file:
Movie icon Raindrop Video: WMV | MOV


Follow a raindrop from the roof of your house to the nearest waterway and learn what it picks up during its travels.

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If you are on a slower Internet connection, you can request this video as part of the "Water Down the Drain" CD-ROM from the Center for Global Environmental Protection at Hamline University.

From "Water Down the Drain" education CD-ROM, © Center for Global Environmental Education, Hamline University. Request a CD-ROM

Featured Resources

PDF icon When It Rains It Pollutes
PDF icon Brown Water, Green Reeds: Familiar Signs of Pollution
PDF icon Polluted Urban Runoff
PDF icon Minnesota Watershed Partners Radio Script- 30sec | 60sec

MP3 icon Algae World - 30sec | 60sec

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