Adopt a Drain

For the sake of a clean water future, Adopt-a-Drain seeks to build a community of well-informed citizens taking action to protect Minnesota's chief environmental and economic resource—local lakes and streams. In doing so, we create an inclusive, connected and regenerative community where engagement is the norm.

Mother and child sweeping storm drain
A family in St. Paul cleans their adopted drain

Storm drains in the metro area drain directly to local lakes and the Mississippi River, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants. Adopt a Storm Drain asks residents to adopt a drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves and other debris to reduce water pollution. Residents who sign up online receive an attractive garden sign, delivered to their front yard, a packet in the mail which details the program, and a tip sheet describing six things residents can do on their property to protect local lakes and streams. Adopt a Storm Drain is a project of Hamline University, developed with funding from the City of Saint Paul and Capitol Region Watershed District.

Saint Paul residents can sign up to adopt a drain at

Minneapolis residents can adopt a drain at

Pilot projects are in the works for the City of Roseville and the City of Bloomington for 2017.

Everyone can adopt a drain in their neighborhood and help protect lakes and streams.

Individuals have the capacity to take action to protect and improve their neighborhoods and local water bodies. Engaging in one action often expands their capacity for engagement, and thus a community’s capacity to engage in sustainability also increases.


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