For Partners

Clean Water MN is a collaborative outreach project of the Metro Watershed Partners. Working together, we provide resources, training, and support for partners as they work with homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area to keep water clean and healthy.

What We Do

Girl sitting on storm drainWe produce photographs, short articles and “how-to” PDFs celebrating people and yard care practices that protect lakes and streams. These resources are available on our new website and are sent to supporting members of Clean Water MN to use in their communications and outreach, along with a system of trackable links to use in electronic communications.

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What Our Supporting Partners Do

Supporting partners pay an annual membership fee to utilize our resources and system of tracking and reporting impacts. For more information on becoming a partner, and suggested levels of membership support, visit the “Becoming a partner” page.

Our partners distribute the photographs and blog posts we provide. We do our best to optimize our content to drive traffic to the website, but the success of the campaign depends on each of our partners distributing content via their networks. Partners must also maintain the trackable links. When people click on those links and go to to read the full article, we count that interaction, and report it back to our partners. We will continue to provide training for partners to ensure that we are optimizing the use of this system and implementing best practices in communications and social media.

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