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2012 Media Campaign

Featured PSAs

The Clean Water Minnesota Media Campaign has two television commercials that run on cable and Channel 45 television:

- "Rubber Ducks" television PSA (30 seconds)

- "Fish Bowl" television PSA (30 seconds)

Media activities included Public Service Annoucements on television (Comcast Cable), at sporting events (MN Twins Radio), and on Minnesota Public Radio. During 2011-12 we will also be developing the new Minnesota Clean Water Challenge.

Click here to download the draft media campaign budget for 2012.


About the Clean Water Minnesota Media Campaign

The Clean Water Minnesota campaign is one of the most powerful ways we work together to remind Minnesotans about the importance of clean water and encourage them to adopt practices to protect our water resources.

In 2011, the Clean Water Minnesota media campaign created an estimated 8 million media impressions with our billboards and radio and television PSAs. 

Clean Water Minnesota is based on the premise that more consistent and compelling stormwater pollution prevention activities can reach the public when our member organizations pool resources and work together. Our campaign:
  1. Helps municipalities and other MS4s meet the education requirements of their municipal stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP);
  3. Places public stormwater pollution prevention messages in the mass media;
  5. Maintains the cleanwatermn.org website with clean water education resources for stormwater educators, students, teachers and residents; and
  7. Maintains and enhances our MS4 Toolkit and MS4 Image Gallery. 

Minnsota Clean Water Challenge

Building on past successes in raising awareness of water related problems in Minnesota, the Minnesota Clean Water Challenge will combine up-to-date research on the impact of best practices in water use and management with cutting edge thinking on the use of social marketing, social media and grass roots organizing to create behavior change in Minnesota residents. 
  1. Modeled after the Minnesota Energy Challenge, which has reduced carbon emissions in Minnesota by more than 210 million pounds since it began in 2006, the Minnesota Clean Water Challenge will aim to reduce water consumption and the amount of non-point source pollution entering Minnesota’s water.
  2. By signing up and taking a pledge on the Minnesota Clean Water Challenge website, individuals and groups will be able to measure the cumulative impact of their actions over time.
  3. Cities, counties, and watershed management organizations will be able to use this innovative campaign to accurately measure the impact of their clean water programs and evaluate the effectiveness of their outreach and education programs.

Public Service Announcements

A brief summary of some of our 2011 campaign activities is included below. Check back for regular updates during the year.  

Comcast Cable TV
In 2011 we ran 30-second PSAs on multiple Comcast Cable TV programs. Comcast TV is widely available in households throughout Minnesota, giving our campaign a statewide reach.

To preview these ads, click on the links below:
"Rubber Ducks" television PSA (30 seconds)
- "Fish Bowl" television PSA (30 seconds)

MN Twins Baseball
MN Twins Baseball remains the single largest radio audience in the state of Minnesota – with nearly 100,000 listeners per game. In 2010 & 2011, the CWMN Media Campaign ran thirty 15-second PSAs during every MN Twins game in May, generating an estimated  
3 million media impressions with a message reminding Minnesotans to practice water friendly lawn care in the spring.

Minnesota Public Radio
In 2010 & 2011, our Minnesota Public Radio Campaign ran streaming online ‘gateway’ ads on both KNOW and The Current radio (89.3).

The Clean Water MN Media Campaign runs PSA's on Minnesota Public Radio in part because surveys of MPR listeners show that they are much more likely to take action on environmental messages they hear on MPR than any other radio listeners in Minnesota.

St. Paul Saints Baseball
Baseball is America's pastime. Its no surprise, then, that Minnesotans from all walks of life tune in to Saints Baseball. in 2010, our media campaign teamed up with the Saints to run 30-second 'Fish Bowl' & 'Rubber Ducks' TV PSAs during St. Paul Saints home games.

This campaign generates an estimated 1.84 million media impressions during the 4 months of airtime. For more information on the St. Paul Saints, visit their website at: http://www.saintsbaseball.com


For More Information:

To view our most recent annual campaign report & budget, visit our "Reports & Budgets" page. If you’d like to receive more information about the 2011 & 2012 Clean Water MN Media Campaign, please contact our program administrator:

Jana Larson
Center for Global Environmental Education
Hamline University, MS-A1760
1536 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 523-2812

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