6 Actions to Take at Home


Leaves and Grass

Keep them off streets and sidewalks. Bag, mulch, and compost your yard waste. Leaves and grass feed algae growth in lakes and streams.



Keep soil in place with plants and mulch, especially near sidewalks and driveways. Cover temporary piles of dirt. Soil in lakes and streams harms aquatic life.


Dog Poop

Pick up after your pet and put it in the trash. Pet waste carries bacteria that can make people sick.



Seal trash bags and keep litter out of the street. Keep Minnesota neighborhoods beautiful.



Always shovel before salting surfaces. Salt harms aquatic life and is difficult to remove from lakes and streams. Use de-icers lightly, and only when the temperature is above 15°F. In colder weather, use sand sparingly.


Motor Oil

Keep cars tuned-up so fluids don’t leak on the street. Take used motor oil to a neighborhood drop-off sites.


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