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Clean Water MN is an outreach program of the Metro Watershed Partners that celebrates metro area residents who use water-friendly practices. We provide information and assistance to those who want to join us in protecting lakes and rivers. Working together, we keep Minnesota waters clean.

Clean Water MN is sponsored by the Metro Watershed Partners, a coalition of more than 70 public, private, and non-profit organizations in the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul metro area, who work together to inspire people to protect water quality in their watershed. Founded in 1996, the Metro Watershed Partners is a project of Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Tip: Clean up dog poop

Be sure to pick up after your pet! Always bring a baggie and drop waste in the nearest trash can.

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Clean Water MN Editorial Staff

  • Amelia Foster

    Blog Writer

  • Katinka Galanos


Steering Committee of the Metro Watershed Partners

  • Angie Hong

    Washington County & East Metro Water Resources Education Partnership

  • Emily McDonald

    Hennepin County

  • Kris Meyer


  • Tracy Fredin

    Hamline University

  • Nick Voss

    Vadnais Lake Area Watershed Management Organization

  • Lauren Letsche

    City of Columbia Heights

  • Kristin Seaman

    City of Woodbury

Supporting Members

Metro Watershed Partners is a coalition of more than seventy public, private and nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities metro area. Through educational outreach, we promote public understanding that inspires people to protect and improve lakes and rivers.

Since 1997, the Metro Watershed Partners have worked together on educational projects, networking, and resource-sharing. Members who contribute funds to support the Clean Water MN campaign are:

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