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Clean Water MN educates and inspires Minnesotans to protect local lakes, rivers, and wetlands. We share stories and information to encourage metro area residents to adopt water-friendly practices in their yards, homes, and neighborhoods. The Adopt-a-Drain program invites metro area residents to commit to keeping a storm drain clear of leaves, trash, and other debris year-round. Working together, we can improve local waterways.

Clean Water MN is a project of the Metro Watershed Partners, a coalition of more than 70 public, private, and non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities metro area who collectively promote a public understanding that inspires people to protect local waterways. Founded in 1996, the Metro Watershed Partners is a project of Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Benefits of Membership

As a supporting member of the program you can:

  • Improve water quality in your city by engaging residents to remove pollutants.
  • Minimize the potential of localized flooding by having volunteers remove debris, ice, and snow from around the storm drain grate.
  • Assist your city in meeting MS4 permit requirements for public participation, outreach, and education.
  • Include data from Clean Water MN and the Adopt-a-Drain program in MCM #1 – Public Education and Outreach – on your SWPPP.
  • Access blog and social media posts to easily communicate with your residents, and benefit from using messaging that is consistent throughout the metro area.
  • Use modifiable print and electronic resources to promote Adopt-a-Drain and other clean water programs to residents.
  • Obtain a list of residents in your area who have signed up for the Adopt-a-Drain program and are thus interested in and concerned about water issues.
  • Attend monthly meetings and utilize our listserv to network with local water professionals.

Becoming a Member

Members of the Watershed Partners—cities, counties, watershed districts, and non-profits in Minnesota—pay an annual membership fee. Cities pay seven cents per person (based on total population) per year, and watershed districts pay a recommended fee based on their annual operating budget. See the table below.

Supporting members of Watershed Partners can download modifiable print and electronic resources to promote Adopt-a-Drain and other water-friendly programs here:

Additionally, members can purchase signs and mailed informational packets as described below:

  • A coroplast yard sign and informational packet mailed to participants for $14 each.
  • A customized metal sign and informational packet distributed to participants. Fee available on request from Hamline staff or by emailing us at [email protected]

To become a partner, contact Ann Zawistoski: [email protected]


Annual Membership for Watershed Agencies

Annual BudgetLowHighCurrent Supporters


Annual Membership for Counties

PopulationLowHighCurrent supporters


Annual Membership for Cities

PopulationLowHighCurrent Supporters

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