Make sure nothing but rain washes off your street, sidewalk and driveway! Because whatever goes into the street, washes down the storm drain and ends up in our lakes and rivers.

Minnesotans can work together to protect our lakes and rivers by taking the following six actions:

  • Storm drains carry trash from your street to a lake or river, even if it’s miles away. Seal your trash bags and keep litter out of the street.
  • Keep leaves and grass off the sidewalks and streets. When they wash into the street, they become food for weeds and algae in lakes and rivers.
  • Keep fertilizer and pesticides on your lawn. When they end up in waterways, they make trouble for aquatic plants and animals that are essential to healthy lakes, rivers and oceans.
  • Pet waste is full of harmful nutrients and bacteria, especially when it washes into lakes and rivers. Pick up after your pet and put it in the trash.
  • Just one quart of oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. Keep your car regularly maintained so fluids don’t leak on the street. Take used motor oil to a neighborhood drop-off site.
  • Sidewalk salt is polluting our lakes and ending up in our ground water. You only need a little sidewalk salt, and it only works when it’s above 15º. And remember, always shovel before you salt.


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Clean streets for clean water

Rain carries leaves, grass clippings and pet waste into lakes and rivers, turning them green with algae.  If it's on the streets, it's in your water.  More info about yard waste.  

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