Exhibit Check Out

The Metro WaterShed Partners provide museum quality exhibits, including interactive multimedia kiosks, that provide learning opportunities about the connection between everyday actions and clean water in Minnesota.  These include "Exhibits for Events" and "Exhibits for Use in Classrooms and Workshops."

Steps to Checking Out Clean Water Education Exhibits

1. Determine which exhibits would be most appropriate for your event, class or workshop by reading the descriptions below.

2. Email [email protected] with: Your name and organization, contact information, event title and expected attendance, pick-up and drop-off dates, and the requested exhibit(s). 


Exhibits for Events

The WaterShed Partners have 5 different exhibits available to use at events. The exhibits can be used alone, or together for a larger event. Each exhibit illustrates a facet of the connection between humans, the landscape and clean water. The exhibits are:

TABLE 2: What is Your Watershed Address?

“What is Your Watershed Address?” (also known as “Table 2”) defines a watershed and allows Minnesotans to locate the watershed in which they live on two maps: (1) A statewide map with puzzle pieces in the shape of the watersheds of Minnesota; (2) A metro area map with puzzle pieces in the shape of the watersheds of the Twin Cities area. The Central Graphic panel gives information about watersheds in general and depicts the larger watersheds of the United States. This is a museum quality exhibit designed to sit on a 6 foot table, and consists of the three panels described above.

TABLE 3: Your Street Flows to the River

“Your Street Flows to the River” (also known as “Table 3”) exemplifies how everyday activities in our own yards and driveways can impact the entire watershed. Many people are unaware that the water that flows into the storm drains in their street goes directly into the lakes and rivers of their community and carries with it the pollutants that cause the lakes and streams to become fouled. Fits on a 6 foot table and consists of three panels. 

Adopt-a-Drain Table Top Exhibit and Bean-Bag Toss Game

The Adopt-a-Drain Table Top exhibit is a portable folding exhibit that features key non-point source pollutants and explains how they impact water quality. Also available for checkout: an Adopt-a-Drain bean-bag toss game with blue “water droplet” bean bags. Great for outdoor events!

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